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Friday, July 11, 2008

supotsu TAIKAI

supotsu taikai ni mcm sports day kt skola la.

haha in fact lg pelik sbb game die cm bdk2 sket n kt jepun mmg usually diorg men cmni kalo x silap la.ade game ame sagashi(crik gula dlm tepung) n lg satu some kinda ikat tali kt kaki but cant recall the name in japanese.emm tnggu one day nnty aku ingt aku update.haha every class kne participate n our J6 dpt no2! wohoo kouhai pon hebat jugak ape.hehe n aku dpt sore throat lps jerit2 x tntu psl kt otoko yg tarik tali.haha aku sgt xtreme n i noe

again picca neh.good picca describe it the best!

J6 soudesuka

J6 mng no2

sempai terbang kehappy-an

sensei seronot

sensei kawaii (^__^)

Friday, July 4, 2008

CODE BLUE.with yamapi!!

yeah it started today!! im waiting for yamapi's drama after proposal daisakusen(which i dont really like!) n yeah cant wait to watch code blue.looks like a good story and of course yamapi's in it as an helicopter docor.kakkoi da neee.n also gakki n erika toda act together with him make me wanna watch it really bad.yamapi way to go! i love u!

title : code blue
episodes : 11
broadcast period : 3 july 2008 till 12 sept 2008
theme song : HANABI by mr children( i love this song)
cast : yamapi (^__^) others u have to google!