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Thursday, June 24, 2010


tetibe arini ade rase nk update.

emm.ape eh.kdang2 kte msty rase sedeh x bsemangat.kenapa ehh?

and now, ak rase cmtuh.smnjak dok kat japan ni mcm2 ak rase sedeh, happy, gembira, nyampah, meluat, rinduu, nak nanges, nak gelak, gelak melampau, nak sembang wif family, nak gelak ngn bff, nk makan luar ngn family, nak share something ngn akak kt umah.sume dh rase dah.

arituh blaja klass 異文化 aka difference in culture lah kan.klass ni bes ah gak sbb dak jpun cmpur ngn foreign student and we're like exchanging our opinion bout some matters la kan.and last class ktorg ckp psl culture shock, and one of my main point is kami belajar about homesick.and guess what ape yg ak rase ni adalah tanda2 seorang homesick.wahh homesick rupenye saye ni.

some ppl said, releasing your emotions are better than keep it within yourself.tapi saye x reti ah nk express my feeling.saya suke simpan je.kalo nk share with someone pon better with whom i can trust 100%.ohh i cant just tell anyone my so sorry guys, it's not that easy ;(

and tadi saya rasa sedeh and saye tau nape sy rase cmtuh tp korang tatau sbb saya tanak gtao.haha.kdg2 cm rase unfair hidup ni.but, upon thinking something like this, i always bear in my mind that every single little thing dat happen around us lie our strength, and these strength are needed for our future, sebab kann saye ade bace quote ni die ckp,

"A mistake is simply another way of doing things.Failure is success if we learn from it."

"Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success."

hah amacam? dah settle? haha.

bile rase down je, mcm2 dlm kepala ni pikir, haishh.tapi kan all we have to do is have faith in Allah; because HE always has faith in you.

huih, setel otak serabut nih.okeh dh release ape yg terpendam.lega sikit.yeay

and bile rase sedeh marilah kite layan bola, confirm BESTT! haha.ohh messi kuh sayangg!