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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

it's an orientation week

yeah msuk aaj!

but is yeay a really good response for this one? lol haha u think it urself.aaj mmg best la tp sgt taihen wa ckp sama lu.everyday the classes will start from 8 till 6.n it's everyday except for saturday in which class will end early at 12noon.(haha early la tuh) though dak2 laen probaby takde class saturday but as for us it is different.the truth is that's the real fact yg kte kne hadapila.but it's ok n doesnt mean yg after korg enter aaj korg WILL die.haha itu tipu la.n korg kne accept yg blaja bhsa will give us another benefit sbb japanese sgt seronot.haha just ingt je la jgn putus asa.yeay sbb every little thing akn ade risk yg we just have to accept it okei. ne back to my main for orientasi pictures describe everything right?

our group plus sempai

our group again

tgk muka ktorgg

pregnant mother.haha

Saturday, April 12, 2008

kak YANI kawen.yeay lagi

finally.if last year kte da tgk kak nani getting married wif abg shazli then dis year it's kak yani turn hooo best je tgk org kawen n same2 la kte doakn mrk bhagia ke anak cucu.cewaaaah

nnty kak yani da jd mak jgn lupe ktorgg tau.hehe

couple happy

kami sume happy

omgg terkijut

cucu mat elah hott.agagaga

Saturday, April 5, 2008

INTEGOMB sports day. (^__^)

yeay nk g sokong umah biru ku syg.but unfortunately biru nilam didnt make it.they only got 2nd place(if im not mistaken la.) most probably sbb ktorgg tade kot.haha jk jk.masing2 ade kelebihan.takpe2 takde rezeki's ok it's alright come on biru fight3 go BIRU.hooooo we can make it!!!!

then after tgk mrk ktorg hang out beramai2 yehauuu.happy2 sbb da lame x jmpe and rindu banget same kamu apai n fazz n others!!

fazz me apai

the girls

us at nandos

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

JPAs interview

hello nk try activekn blek dis blog la.true,aku mmg la quite pemalas pnye org but when i really want to express something blog is my best solution

okey firstly lps dpt result arituh aku tros apply for jpa japan most probably bcos of NEWS la ni.haha ye btol aku sgt mnat NEWS smpi ah aku apply 4 dis course.mse interview sgt cuak sbb aku sorg je malay among 6 person dlm room uh.sgt cuak okey! 1 malay, 4 chinese n 1 indian gal.yeah aku sgt diam kt luar n didnt even talk with ayah pon sbb sgt super xtreme nervous n i bet ayh pon pasan but he always try to calm me down.ayh mmg best! haha b4 jpa divide us to 2 groups ade la 1 malay girl tp da kne pisahkn plak.emm tapi aku kuatkan smgt je la.n put a lot of courage n be more confident when they called my name, waa aku msuk n try senyum puas2.haha mse msuk die pulangkn blik folder file yg ade sijil2 uh n suro kte msuk.

ok mse msuk.guess what? that jpa guy uh sgt baik plus hensem(depends kt tmpt gak la.if u r lucky enuff).haha pathetic me!trok2.mate ni mmg x leh tgk org comel kot.haha it's my eyes fault ok not me.then die mntk kte pknalkan diri then 2 topic was given to us.n aku sgt seronot bcos a lot of ideas came to my mind cm sungai mengalir.yeeha im happy enuf to be there.n mse nk kua uh aku try la nk tnye jpa guy uh.haha im melting(lol baka!!!) haha yup skg da dpt surat twaran ambang asuhan jepun(aaj).aku jd happy but we, aaj student msti register earlier than those sudent yg len.sgt sedey.haha takpe2 sacrifice now for our future.haha tibe2 aku jd semacam motivated person plak.haha