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Thursday, February 28, 2008


heee.saje2 nk post anything.quite bored idop as a penganggur agung la.haha ok2 today tade wat 1st bajet2 arinih nk dgr cramah lesen for 2nd time but then aku sgt pissed off ok skg.ade ke patot leyh lupe nk amek aku n kate crmh da stat.n he mention that y dont i call him earlier? am i the drvng company? ouh sure im pissed of with them.damn u.haaa aku bngun sgt awal ok nk g 8am aku da siap2 mandy sume tau.n ade ke patut die kate lupe? tu pon after i called him to ask at 10am n at that time i already wore tudung n stuff!! seriously stupid management.sumpah wey aku cm nk stop je kt sni.x patut toll.jaat gile kau so then i have to postponed it until dis saturday.shitt la.ouh ngucap2 n skg ni tgh rmai sgt spm-candidate-waiting-for-their-result yg sgt x saba nk tahu result kua bile.yeah aku cuak dohh.i am.hope i will pass it with full colours.i mean with a really full colours.heee aminn! aku nk mak ayah n siblings sume bangge ngn aku n aku nk blas jase diorg.adeyh syahdu.emm sumpah aku nk wat yg terbaik ntok diorg sbb dior sume da byk sacrifice 4 myself.geehee thanks anyway anda sume.i really love you all.

n ade jd satu bnda lg yg bwt aku rase sedey n kecewa gile arinih.bout slimming prog.huu mahal sgt.aku nak kurus gak dohh.kejam ah slimming centre nih.haha neway aku arap sgt dpt kurus.aku da x nak kne ejek ngn org lagy.nyampah la.mmg la aku cm x mara but sape yg leh tahan en? nyampah gak ade kdg2.kalo aku gemok pon korg susah kew? lantak la.huhu nnty la aku try ape2.nk aku tade la gemok sgt cm syanie-type pon tp diorg mmg suke wat aku cmnih.sepak kang.lantak la korg ejek my pahale will doubled.yess kutuk la kwn2.mari2

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

my very first video guys.

ouh i already finished doing my very first video.although it's not really a video because i only upload the pictures in it but then i felt really grateful to finished it.i inserted some ryopi's pics together with my favourite songs entitled gommen ne juliet performed by yamapi(yeah i know i love him so very2 much indeed!) haha.i hope i manage to create another video(a true video with motion in it) in some other time when i already learn it.btw buddy, hope you'll enjoy it as much as you can.

p/s : i made video of these guys(yamapi n ryo) because i just really love them.haha if you have any recommendation or any comment just give it to me.thanks anyway ;DD

Monday, February 25, 2008

quote to encourage people ;DD

have you heard of this?

to comprehend the value of one year,
just ask the students who failed their entrance exam.

to comprehend the value of one month,
just ask a mother who gave birth to a premature baby.

to comprehend the value of one week,
just ask the editor of the weekly newspaper.

to comprehend the value of one hour,
just ask the lovers who are waiting to meet.

to comprehend the value of one minute,
just ask the people who missed their stop on the train.

to comprehend the value of one second,
just ask the person who managed to avoid an accident just in time.

to comprehend the value of one tenth of a second,
just ask the person who ended up with a silver medal at the Olympics.

the hands of the clock will continue ticking,

therefore, treasure every moment you have and treat today as the utmost gift you'll have.

p/s : omgg this words really meaningful.i almost cry my lungs out watching this story,Yuuki.give it a try.sayonara.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

gomen ne juliet - yamapi

Kimi ni deaetta toki boku wa omoidashitanda
Zutto wasureteta dareka wo aisuru koto
Kono suteki na kimochi torimodoshita toki kara
Mainichi ga totemo azayaka ni irozuita

Jama sarete mo nani wo ushinatte mo
Kimi wo mamori aisou to chikatta noni

Kisu de kisu de ichioku kai tashikameatta kedo
Doko ka nani ka mitasarenai
Futari kanjite itanda kono koi no ketsumatsu
Ah gomen ne juliet

Hoka no dare yori mo fukaku aishita keredo
Hoka no dare yori mo kizutsukete shimatta ne

Sayonara no kotoba ni mune ga itakunatta
Mou ni doto aishiau koto wa nainda ne

Ai de ai de kizutsukete suki de tomaranakute
Mabushii egao ubatte shimatta
Futari meguri aeta koto wa machigatteita no kana
Ah gomen ne ore de

Moshi me ga mienaku natte mo kimi da to wakaru darou
Sore hodo nando mo dakiatta ne
Tagai ni aishiteita keredo nori koerarenakatta
Unmei na no ka na

Kisu de kisu de ichioku kai tashikameatta kedo
Doko ka nani ka mitasarenai
Futari kanjite itanda kono koi no ketsumatsu
Ah gomen ne juliet
Ah gomen ne juliet


When I met you, I remembered
What it felt like to love someone; it was something that I'd forgotten for a very long time
When I regained these wonderful emotions
Everyday that passed seemed to be dyed in such vibrant colours

Even if there would be obstacles, even if I would lose something
I swore that I would love and protect you

Even though we ascertained our feelings for each other with a hundred million kisses
Somehow, it wasn't enough
And we both knew that our love would come to an end
Ah I'm sorry, Juliet

Even though I loved you more deeply than I ever loved anyone
I managed to hurt you more than I've ever hurt anyone

The words "goodbye" made my heart hurt
There's no way that we'll love each other again, is there?

Being in love doesn't stop us from being able to hurt, no matter how much I want to stop
I stole away your radiant smile
Could it be that we should never have met?
Ah, I'm sorry that you fell in love with me

rap part
I love you, but our love can't be; how I miss you
There's no such thing as my not loving you; I can't let go of these wishes
A hundred million kisses couldn't reach them; I want to meet you on this holy night
I loved you so much I wanted to break you

Even if I go blind, I'll know that it's you
Because we embraced each other so many times
Even though we both love each other, we still can't overcome it
Could it be fate?

Even though we ascertained our feelings for each other with a hundred million kisses
Somehow, it wasn't enough
And we both knew that our love would come to an end
Ah I'm sorry, Juliet

Monday, February 18, 2008

tantei gakuen q

yeah akhernye abes gak cite neh arinih.hoho sgtt best ok.jln cite sgt mnarik.aha n aku suke gile kyuu n megu.n also ryuu.diorg nye friendship sgtt best ok ;DD ni ending song.give it a try if anyone of u feel bored ok.highly recommended.n for your information most of them only 15 years old on 2008.haaa young but really talented duh~ if u want opening song the title is answer by's nice too.try to search it.

Kamiki Ryunosuke as Kyuu
Shida Mirai as Meg
Yamada Ryousuke as Ryuu
Kaname Jun as Kinta
Jinnai Takanori as Morihiko Dan
Wakaba Katsumi as Kazuma
Okunuki Kaoru as Miss Yurie
Yamamoto Taro as Nanami Kotaro
Suzuki Kazuma as Keruberosu

stand by me - the brilliant green.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

rayau kala mlm ari

askum.arinih amat best mlm la.hujan perform weyy kt we all noe aku mmg fan no.1 hujan ok so aku amat teruje wey nk tgk.haha tau takpe.da lame aku plan nk g tp aku cm x rase pon boleh coz mak aku mne la kasik kua mlm2 ni.bahaye then akk aku nak gak.pstuh akk aku gtao la mak aku n dgn sngnye die ckp boleh.perghh nmpk sgt aku blacksheep of this family.haha x sngke aku.oleh krn akk aku g aku pon nk join la layan beb.fatin folo gak.sgt syokk wey.ade battle of the band n hujan perform as closing prfmnce.sblm hujan kua ade lebey kuang 10 lebey la band yg gak la diorg n ade la brape2 yg ensem.haha mate aku mmg ok.die noticed sumthing yg best2 je.haha i noticed him ok.sgt ali muke die.perfect hair perfect clothes.haha

Image Hosted by
and him too
Image Hosted by
sgt syok.ok2 smbung2 n ade satu bnd ni prfm njoy gle.diorg nyanyi lgu biarlah n sume2 dak nyanyi sesame weyy.apak syok bangat bingit.haha n finally mcm da pkol 12 lebey hujan perform wehh.sgt seronot.ble mule2 diorg dtg pon da havoc gle tau.noh msk n dukegong n ambobzeela n ag msok lg la.bpk syokk eh.ecah intro sket n sume fans da x thn lg nk hempuk kapla nyanyi abes bangat!! oho diorg stat prfm nyanyi aku skandal then lonely soldier boy n bila aku sudah tiada n lastly pagi yg glap.spnjg uh aku dok tgk auw nk record scene best last2 memory card full.sgt babi ok.haha n noh sgt lawak tau.ade ke die boley ajak dak2 sume headbanggin kt dpn die.haha da la ukm.ah lantak ape en? takpe smpi satu thp uh dah x tekawal en dak2 sume cm nk rempuh last2 noh ckp "wey korg ikut je la ape yg diorg suro,bole ke blkg sket ak? jgn ah cmnih doh.kang x psl2 diorg suro ktorg stop perform kang.haaa aku taknak wey.aku nk nyanyi lg ni.haha".sumpah lawak gle noh.aku hampir nk mati gelak nk tecirit weyy.haha nway korg prfm skjp support our local act.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

hepy valentine's day

hello.we meet again.firstly today is valentine's day.oleh krn aku tade bf so aku kua la ngn bff.ouh syokk gile.mule2 seawal pg aku da siap2 cun2 smart g umh fatinsyamirra kusyg.ahha smpi sane she's not around but she did mention it earlier tht she's goin 2 learn kne mntk jase baek syamiel jge aku ok.haha tade la smpi2 je mak ftin smbut.syokk borak2 ngn mak fatin sgt best ok.understanding ngn kind sunggo.makan siklemak wlpn da mamam roti canai ngn parents earlier.lepak2 smpi la si fatin balek ktorg jmpe sgt rindu weyy.borak2 lepak2 cite zmn silam lpas rindu.haha then around 3pm jenny smpi.ktorg smbg lepak lg mkn nsik grg weyy ng telur.perghh best lg.cite2 n kua dlm kol 5pm g alamanda ptrjya.ftin ade klas gitar dlm kol 6.30pm 4 about 30 mins.afta tht ktorg jln2.makan sdap bby! labanese kebab ngn carrot susu n orange juice.bwk gita ke mane2 ok.styla je.haha glabah tau.gaye ktorg :

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

aha sgt syok ok.ktorg kua men boling best sgt.fatin 1st aku 2nd jenny 3rd.rse syok sgt cm tmt uh ktorg punye la sbb tade org sgtt.hahajerit2 x tntu psl smpi pakcik2 situ sume tgk ktorg je keje.(sori aku cm prasan sket).haha betul ape.then ktorg snap pic sesame idup jd syok nk mampush.haha lmbt gle bru blek umh ftin.n aku overnite kat sane je.jenny x join tdo coz ade sumting la.tatau ape.btw syok sgt.

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

family day kt balok

ok smpi turn aku gune tenet en.since yesterday i didnt had a chance 2 use the pc.seb baek bole gune 2day tau2.kak long ngn ayep pon sume da blek tinggal aku ngn apiz je kt umh.akhernye umah jd kosong blek.emm arituh abg apetah yg aja kete uh tnye bile aku nk stat amek pc test.emm aku cm malas plak dohh tp kne amek gak.huhu jenny ngn fatyn sume2 pon da stat test kt jln doh.takpe la kalo aku da rety pon bile mse aku nk bwk lak en.tau2.ok2 nk cite sket psl family day in balok kuantan la.ok2 sgt best.ktorg jumpe nina nuni n others.sume da bsar2 wa ckp same lu wehh.n kt situ yg paleng best die nye pool la.ktorg swimming dlm uh je bagak muke sume da suntanned la.kejadah la wehh.pnat tau brenang.haha finally we managed 2 swim weh.best2 cm x caye je.aku mmg hebat.yea aku tau gak tuh.x yah mention pon.mesia boleh.hahayg siot sgt uh aku leh cramp lak dlm pool uh.siot sgt bwt malu je.2 kali ak uh.gile en smpi aku kne bahan ah ngn abg shazli hubby kak nani.haha takpe2 aku bahan die blek kate die uh msk pool air tros naek.byk berjasse uh.haha lawak nk mati ohh.tak abes2 kate ps aku cramp.
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kt sane ktorg jarang sket g pantai die tp mse mlm2 best la dgr bunyi ombak.syokk je.rindu tmpt mse ari last uh aka ari sabtu ade ke patut bole ade lipan dlm pool uh.aku x nmpk tp nina n along nmpk ah aku x mo risk my life la.bek aku kuar dr mati.haha so ktorg pon blek la ke umh dgn slmatnye smlm.pnat la ayh drive.otw balek jumpe byk sgt kete fav aku 7 series.ohh cool gile weyy.
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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

times skuare menungguku

1st of all nk wish heppy besday 2 both eyqa n dla my frens.syg korg n heppy birthday yayang.sori x smpt nk wish sndri.kredit x ckp la.haha yg penting ak ingt wokehh.

Image Hosted by

okeh today ak kua wif along g ts.sgtt best ok nk shopping.haha g ktm ukm dlu ktorg menapak pepagi gile.beli tiket n tros g kl sentral.good for us sbb x rmai orgg en coz skola.bguss la.smpi sane pg gile n tros g ts.x nyempat2 nk mkn ke ape ke.sume tade.haha tenkiu kpd jase kaklong la.sume kau nye pasat la kte starving menggile ok.then ktorg jln2 dlu tolon org ts bkk kdai.haha bile kdai da bkk ktorg stat menyopping n sgt gile ohh g ts.bju mmg tade brand n sgt murah.aku ape lg tros beli byk nk mati.haha 1 rm15.cun wehh sape taknak.ape aku kisah ngn brand.asl lawa aku cekup je.haha n mostly aku try bju diorg.yg kecik toksah arapla en.emm aku beli inner sume2 la.then aku beli kasut ohh.sgt seronott.murah je but smart je.tuh pon pinjam duet along(adeh aku x pulang lg).oh oh ktorg blek awl auww coz tade melepak g tgk muvee.bgus en? tau tau da msk rekod idop aku.otw blek aku nmpk sunuy.gile weh aku ingt kau ponteng then bru ak ingt korg da stat cuty skola cny oliday.chet ktorg bertata sejenak.otw nk blek nek ktm uh jmpe la plak muaz auzaie.betul ke aku eje ni? btol kot.blek umh tunggu kt umh makteh.mkn fries n balekk.jumpe apiz amek die kt umh cik arul.itula.kak long beli siket je.tatau ah die.aku lak borong abes2an.haha