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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

it's an orientation week

yeah msuk aaj!

but is yeay a really good response for this one? lol haha u think it urself.aaj mmg best la tp sgt taihen wa ckp sama lu.everyday the classes will start from 8 till 6.n it's everyday except for saturday in which class will end early at 12noon.(haha early la tuh) though dak2 laen probaby takde class saturday but as for us it is different.the truth is that's the real fact yg kte kne hadapila.but it's ok n doesnt mean yg after korg enter aaj korg WILL die.haha itu tipu la.n korg kne accept yg blaja bhsa will give us another benefit sbb japanese sgt seronot.haha just ingt je la jgn putus asa.yeay sbb every little thing akn ade risk yg we just have to accept it okei. ne back to my main for orientasi pictures describe everything right?

our group plus sempai

our group again

tgk muka ktorgg

pregnant mother.haha