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Sunday, November 23, 2008

i never could have seen this far

how can i describe it...

lol x sngke akn jd cm ni pnye trok.haha saitei.
ok2 this was my 2nd time going thru sort of meeting with japanese student or 'kouryukai'.

those students from itami kita koukou situated in osaka if im not mistaken la.ok2 well im in group wif farhan.kare wa..ano neh..are.. haha dunno wat to desribe him as.sorry that we cant get along well.tah la im a bit of annoyed sket that time.

bout those japanese student, okey the guys was cool, 3 guys 2 gals.upon receiving their letter i know we didnt have any same interest for each for anime, well i didnt really watch a lot of famous anime but instead of it i watch drama.aku gile takley cope ngn mrka esp girls sbb sume yg aku mnat diorg x mnat.adoii aii.

sorry to say mmg sgt bosan gile2.except for blaja maen ape tah yg bulat2 uh.itu best.haha arap kte x jumpe lg la sbb me malu sgt.but if laki uh aku nak gak jumpe.gahaha