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Sunday, May 9, 2010

happy mother's day emak

sempena hari yg mulia ni.saya nk bgtau satu dunia saya nye mak kan paling best tau tau tau.jangan nak jeles.haha

mom i noe u will read dis.just to let u know dat i misssssss u so so so very much.ure such a great mom.whoever it is,be it famous person etc, no one can ever replace u.u are one of a kind mom in the world and I LOVE U! (^___^)

saaaaaaaayang mak saya ;)


ct hawa said...

Salam, thanks Mak miss you too. You are always in my heart n my mind. Semuga kita sekeluarga sentiasa di bawah lembayung rahmat ALLAH Amin...