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a place for reminiscing my old memories as i grow older and wiser.hopefully, will be great if you walk in my shoes first before you judge me

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

first entry.

heh.ak snarnye tade la suke sgt mnaip but ak rase cm best kalo ade my own blog.even no one nk bce pon at least i did dis blog 4 my own sake ape layan sorg2.haha neway 4 da 1st entry i hope dis blog is not like warm2 taik2 kucin ayam.kejadah? haha hope dis effort is continuously oteh.dgn ini sy merasmikan kehadiran blog ini lahir ke dunia.yeayeayea ein hebat ein hebat.ini sy tau.haha n nk knalkan diri la :
name : ein
laher : 2 sept
kat : heshbeekeyell
if korg free.sile la lwat n add n comment oteh? da da tau korg best.ok tata