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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

us hangout wif buddy.yeay

yeay finally dpt gak hangout ngn buddy from jln6.haha siyes rindu bff aka my fatenjeny.haha n my best buddy from jln6 petch n kmal.yeah! ktorg g hangout kat timesquare together wif petch's buddy(though ktorgg gle x knal n felt a lil bit awkward mse mule but then slowly ktorg ngam) haha seriously lawak mse ktorg tgk movie apetah cite thailand uh.bpak terkejut ble tgk bhsa thai.haha didnt think that movie is thai' sapenye idea tah nk tgk dat movie.lawak je n ktorg make a lot of noises in A LOT!! haha mcm bpk kau punye cinema je la petch.haha tp BEST kn3?

n guess what? me n jenny gle xcited dpt jmpe izham aka ashraf muslim kt bb.haha die serious handsome n tinggy ohh.n ktorg ape lg kejar la n snap pic 2gether.haha

pic2 x))



izham ouh