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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

because I have hidden desires to become cool-looking.

haha taken from one blog translating jweb yamapi n toma.

as a fan im happy.teehee

YAMAP kara

2008/12/31 PM5:15 Year 2008,

thank you (^O^)
E~ Today, in the morning around 8.30 Toma sent a mail. About coming to watch the con yesterday, he wants to write it in his nikki so he sent it to me first to let me see, like this.

He himself felt that he wrote it in a way that it is very mushy too, in fact it is really very mushy ne (laughs).
But, from morning onwards I felt very warm. There will definitely be a day, although I do not know what kind of form/formality it will be, will definitely be happy if we are able to sing together! [note: he is referring to singing together with Toma]

So, today too, later on I will be going to Tokyo Dome's Party!! After that, I want to eat doshikoshi soba. Wishing everyone to have a good year(^O^) ____________________________________________________________________
TOMA kara

Tomagoto 12/31 ★volume 202

This year's last update!
Everyone, just a little bit more year 2008 will end. I have really received the care of everyone.
At Hachikuro wearing short~pants

At rinokimi SP acting~ridiculously

At Maou facing Oh-kun a show~down

...A, 9th of january Maou DVD will be released~ so yoroshiku.

At GREASE danc~ing, sing~ing, Yaracchi's natural explo~sion...

I did many things.
Year 2008. Thank you everyone very much. Really.

So year 2009 first shot...

Voice~inochi naki mono no koe~!
For the sake of making an interesting.. an amazing work, I'm working hard everyday. Everyone will definitely feel something from (watching)it.
Please look forward to it.

And then, changing topics...
Yesterday I went to NEWS' concert, together with Matsujun. Appeared for a while during the MC. Sang a song a little too.
By the way it's Yamashita's part in weeeek.

Actually I have already planned with Matsujun to bring along NEWS album lyrics book and appear, but before we went up on stage, we forgot where we have placed it...
So the lyrics was casually sang vaguely...

Ikima~su YAY!

Other than this line, I was unable to sing the rest properly (laughs)

Yamashita Sorry! (laughs)

A~ Still the Ikuta Toma who always screw up at the critical moment.

But... Today I really seriously felt that... it has really been a very long time since we stood together on the same stage......
Last time Yamashita said it before too...
If we can do something together, nothing will definitely be better than that. ...

As expected, that guy is a special existence for me.

Today I realize it once again.
Because it is year 2008 last update so I wrote this kind of mushy/disgusting things. Ohoh.

So... Year 2009 too, yoroshiku onegaishimasu. These few years really, many situations changed continuously, I too have to follow and change to face the situation, and there are also many things which I have no choice but to endure.

I will be realistic carry out my belief... work hard and move forward. So see you again next year

Ikuta Toma :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: IM HAPPY. IM GLAD. tomapi friends forever.haha