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Monday, February 2, 2009

how to become a great great samantha in a day! shopaholic's diary

haha it's easy though.1,2,3 gooo

today after me n tira dcide nk pusing2 klcc, kino esp for japanese mag then ktorg g mlwat nose etc etc.found kasut yg sgt2 la comel.haha ok BELI! lol then looking for baju2 baru but x de yg menarik.ok PASS! haha next2 found padini's bag.ohh lawa2.ok2 i must have this one.decided, ok BELI! haha senang en.when we make a decision, esp for shopping dont hesitate or else u will never get what u think wisely

.ehh salah2, DONT THINK WISELY! just go for it. or u'll regret it.

haha from pakar kewangan believe it or not.

bought it