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Saturday, April 11, 2009

my great ability; procrastinating.

bgun pagi, gosok gg , cuci muke, pkai bju, makan roti canai.nyanyi ye adek2 ye saye nye mate melilau carik laptop; nak make sure sume file yg terdownload didownload dgn jayanye.yeah haha berjayye

so today, completely downloaded file saye;

#Koi no ABO by NEWS.ehe yamapi menari lawa tp lawak la pv ni.x bape kakkoii
#AnS - Audrey
#VS arashi like 3 files.sukenyee
#Boku wa imotou ni koi wo suru.with matsujun n eikura nana comel dlm nih.

now i have to find the right time to watch all these files.aha procrastinating is the most easy yet joyful thing to do in my life.the busier i will be the more time will be spend for procrastinating purpose.aha

at night, makan luar.
our choice today; ayam tandoori xcept for ayeep n adek yg mkn tomyam n nsik grg kg.err respectively?

oh and tomorrow i'll be going back to UM.malas!

one thing, im going there without my laptop; so maybe i'll get back the creepy hiatus status.grr


kaMechaN said...

koi no abo....fes tyme tgk pv bapak lawak...hohohohohohoho...abo..abo..
abo..tuh jek ah yunk akoo paham...hohohohohoho...shige over gle nyanyi...uwaahhh...tensyen...hohoho..