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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

wild karaokeyy

ehe.firstly today was the best day ever; saikou da yo when it's something related wif karaoke la bebeh.

today after class, 5 of us me, hawa, famer, tira n ri-chan get ready as fast as we can then went to the car ehe yea hawa yg bwk mekacceh hawa.haha ktorg carik plaza mont kiara.seb bayek ade pacik gps device yg sedia mbantu.haha mse pegi sume ngn muke x saba2nye nk nyanyi lagu arashi n news n sume lgu jpun lain.ehe best2

then carik2 smpi tersalah msuk lorong sume uh ktorg pon sampai.just aim pegi mont kiara je okeh sume yg nak try g sane.carik signboard mont kiara ehh.


okehh carik yumekukan.kat blok E yer.okeh jumpe

sampai2 tros stat nyanyi.best2

the price they charge is not that bad, just rm23 per person for student package then u can sing like so damn crazy from 1pm till 6pm.ehe jgn jeles, it's for 5hours except for an hour yg termiss sbb class abes pkol 1pm.alahai sygg je.

there are a lotss of japanese song here i told ya.err yess u have to know how to read japanese kanji also included.ehe then only u can sing along the songs.they have a lots of new song but sadly no arashi's believe single yet.n yeah the pv is not the real one.n i thinks it's normal as it's hard to get the i dont know maybe the recording company's permission? n of course to get it, it cost a lot.err i dont have any idea here.haha just ignore my messy creepy thought just now.

then we went to the secret recipe's to have our lunch+dinner here.yeah we are so damn hungry!! grr.i ordered fish n chips with iced lemon tea.then? i enjoyed it!

emm, can i put down the list of songs that we sang? ehe, like i give a damn care.anyway this is my blog right? who need others' permission, deshou?

#arashi's - happiness, truth, once again, beautiful days, arashi, wish, etc etc
#news' - teppen, gomenne julietto, love song, taiyou no namida,, etc etc
#ohno's, nino's
#yui's - tokyo, life
#prisoner of love, planetrium, hane o narashite, kisshug etc etc

err the list goes on.i cant rmmbr all.kindly forgive my bad brain when it comes to anything that push him to do some work.haha

p/s - i got really mad after realizing i didnt sang seishun amigo after practised the dance like ****.lol siot err sorry, i should reduce my usage of swearing words in my entry recently.aha btw cant wait for tomorrow.cepatlah


undrgnd said...

bergumbira nmpk bekarok!

.ein said...

hehe itu musti.jgn jeles weh.syok smpi serrak2 suare mlm uh.haha