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Saturday, September 5, 2009

bukak puase integombian.

just to make sure stiap pkara important in my lyfe takkan dlupekan sy upload eh picca2 berbuka puase kat delifrance, mid valley with integombian.
and thankssss byk2 kat era n aainaa yg jd mastermind this event.brilliant event babe.congratzz

nak list sket sape yg follow;

me.era ngn adek2nye.aainaa.zatie.apai.shedot.paa.sam.maryam.nanny.

and tibe2 mse kt surau lak jmpe nisa n pipah.then dirg pon singgah ah kt tmpt mkn ktorg.waaaa rindu same korg sume.

and2 me dpt hadiah from apai; choc beryl's yg fave one.apai mekasehhh bebeh