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Saturday, September 11, 2010

selamat hari raya 2010

happy eid mubarak.

tengah kte happy2 jgn lupe org yg susah yer.cian anak2 palestin yg tgh berperang tuh.

ouh and puasa enam ;)

i had fun beraya kat kampung.and i'll be missing my family, the foods and my BFF here in Malaysia.wuuuu ;'(

same as last raya, i didnt get lots of duit raya at my dad's kampung but it's different at my mom's kampung.haha im already twenty and yeah i still got my duit raya. the fact that as long as im still studying, i will get my duit raya is so making me HAPPY! agagagaga and as far as i know, i will be collecting duit raya until 2014. HAHA ohh and one rule ME needs to follow; dont marry anyone within these 4 years!

and pfffft I WILL GET MY DUIT RAYA ;)


so toddles, enjoy the pics ya!

one happy family ;)

angah, along, adek and ayep

lovely cuz