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Saturday, October 4, 2008

berayye plus melepas rindu

finally lps da lame gile2 bangat x jumpe.hell yeah ktorg berjumpe.haha i really2 damn miss masing2 da bz wif study n it's hard for us to see each other like dulu2 mse kecik2 slalu sgt tdo umh mak fatin or mak jenny.haha i really miss u guys! emm kte jmpe kt warta mkn pizza then blek g umh fatinku syg.haha korg hebat da bwt kete tp kte je yg x reti2 nk amek lesen.haha actually kte teringin sgt2 but tade free time nk amek.sian en.tau3! haha ape2 pon kte da mkn byk sgt kuih tat kt umh awk fatin.haha sian mak awk kne blie kuih tat byk2 kalo ajak kte dtg umh.but dont ever forget to bring me to ur home again ehh.haha kte mmg x malu okeyy.

n my words is hard to understand w/o pix x)

till death do us apart.

ily sygg.haha

bff kwn smpi mati.xoxo