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Saturday, December 13, 2008

about twillight .edward?

hehe bcos of my cuz da gile membebel suro tgk twilight sy pon g la tgk.dat dat ktorg tgk mlm la lebey kurg pkol9.30 wif fairuz aimi.haha lawak je.b4 tgk ktorg mamam kt yoshinoya.practising eat wif chopstick la kunun.haha then finally ktorgg msk cinema.yehaa cite uh sgt sweet.such a beautiful love story.haha i just like it.cant describe more detail.give it a try.rase if kua tenet nnty nk try dwld blek n layan 24/7 tgk cite uh.haha nk bf like edward at first cm rase die cedric dlm harry potter but bile tgk mse dlm cinema, i was like ' hey btolke ni die? looks really different la.' then aku gtao org that's not cedric but after checking some it's him la.haha no offense! sory my entry quite boring.i just can resist robert pattinson's pathetic me

sorry guys, our pic is a must.haha,