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Friday, December 26, 2008

it's christmas day.hohoho

yeah merry christmas to those that celebrate christmas day.hohoho(santa-like voice)
haha today integombian buddies ajak kua jln2.yeay rindu korg rindu korg.those yg ade cm me, aain, liena, pqa k, nabeshed.yeah ktorg sgt sronot.then tgk cite THE SPIRIT yg sgt rubbish.yeah surprisingly from the director of 300 yg cmbest uh.haha seroiously RUBBISH.aku rase cite mlayu pon bole jual la kalo nk compare wif this one.i really need my rm12 back! lol sape2 yg rase cm nk tgk, forget it! watch cicakman instead(even aku x pnh tgk pon.but it's true!) bongok punye crite.

but2 the worst part for today is i lost my money.I LOST MY MONEY!
haha sedey bangat.for me it's too many!!! i need those money back.sob3

btw,other than the worst part of my day, cam-whoring wif my bff seems helps alot.neh

love u guys

kte snap sndrik lg syok en?

my bff.syg aain