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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

to along;

that thing i told ya last sunday actually happens's true 100%. what am i supposed to do now weh? sedey nak mampus dow.waaaaaaaaaaa im so totally not ready babe T.T i feel like crying.tolonglah saye ;'(

and now apparently im so sick of love songS

yours truly;


awe said...

ooo da tuka ekk.. sblum ni yours truly, the broken hearted one.. poyo ah... hahaha takpe ein, we're on the same boat! sama sama lah kite harungi taufan yg menimpa nih... =D

.ein said...

hahahaks kte kne terel mengcover babe.haha walau badai mnimpa harus kte teruskan.acewahhhh ;P btw, if u need to share nething with me im always there.agagagaga

noin said...

huhu.. title gile exclusive bikin ati wa cair je bace~ wehehe

rilex bebeh! awe pon rilex gak eh! hihi. olwez believe dat Allah has a better plan for us. as long as we olso put some effort on it la. mude lagi nih. along pon single agi. sila jangan potong queue! haha :D

.ein said...

ntah hawa ni.TOP je pon

* ni attempt nk cover baek pnyaaa