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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

i'm miles from where u are ;(

my love;

What is important is not how much we see each other but how often we think about each other.

i'm already miles away from you and i can't bear the pain of being apart from you.

the truth is i miss both of YOU.

mak and ayah, have a safe flight to Makkah.

i'll always pray for both of you to go to Makkah and come back to Malaysia safely.

and Haji Mabrur too.

ahh how i miss them ;(

take care



[BiE=sUnShInE!] said...

yin, smoga parents ko dpt mnunaikn haji dgn slamat n dpt haji mabrur :)

rndu ko weyh :)

.ein said...

nabeshid; yess! i miss u too ;p insyaAllah