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Friday, October 22, 2010

oovoo-ing my sayang ;)

1st time guna oovoo.

memula nk plan call reramai but yg onl sikit org je so oovoo ngn merekamereka yg ade je lah.

try call ngn aain gedik.then nabeshid onl so pastu kol nabeshid.pastuh tetibe fazz pon onl yeayy.seronot

then, oovoo-ing with 4 of us.though we're from different places, but at the same time; japan, aussie, US and india all in one conference.gosh, how is this possible 50 years ago? LOL

ohh but time fazz msk conference tuh cm gilaaa lawak hokey.memule die msk x kua pic but kua muke kucin comel tp mata gila sedey tp mulut die ckp sejibik cm ape yg fazz ckp.kahkahkah lawak gila nk mampuih ;DD tergelak2 sampai nk mati hah x cukup napas dah nih.hahahahah

pastuh nabeshid kua sbb ade hal.ak ngn fazz n aain terus berpokpet.wuuuu rindu bangat! siyes dh lama sangat dah ni x gelak dasat cmnih.agagagagaga

BABES, i miss yaaaa yaww! kawan sampai mati! ;DD

this is how fazz looks like.agagagagaga