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Saturday, March 14, 2009

guess what happens next.

here i am, bermalas malasan.aiseh sgt malass.malas sgt2

my 1 week of holiday passed by just like that without any interesting stuff taknak balik belaja laa but homework like dem! gile bapak banyak weh.

the worst part is, i really dont have any interest to do it n i really2 need any stuff like catalyst emm if there's any to speed up my brain to work faster and efficiently while doing my homework. err no, even there's any catalyst sold here i dont think that i'll be able to do the homework as i am naturally orang pemalas.

err ayah slalu ckp 'farah slalu wat keje last minet, x elok laa.ehe'

'tapi yah, nak wat cmne.i do things better under a lot of pressure.'

emm that's what i told my ayah.but really saya tension bwat keje last minet.grr taknak bwat dah
.taknak sudah

all i did these 7 days at home was,

# surfing the net
# downloading these arashi stuff.ehe in love with sakurai sho n ohno satoshi.
# emm.can i write these? helping mak sidai baju.naah no way this is so not true.
# tolong mak habiskan beras kat rumah
# last 2 days, emm watching mei-chan no shitsuji
# watching old series roswell.yess again n in love with max yess again.haha

and and tadi ktorg satu femly makan sate.yeay lame x mak la ni tgk cite cine kat tb mkn sate die pon nak mkn gak.haha lawak je.

dlm kete mse ayh isi minyak.ade org kentut.x snonoh.err kak long aku marah bersebab.
wakakakakaka agagagagaga.only those yg paham akan faham okess.

p/s - i really2 need new external hardisk sbb yg lame da pnuh.sape baek nak tolong? agagaga