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Thursday, March 19, 2009

mata da ok kot

yey, today doin nuthing xcept watching boys before flowers.

im gonna do some drama review here.hehe im in love with dis drama so sincerely i wrote this entry.aha who cares here

okey guys, some review about this korean drama.though now i rarely watch any kdrama but i decided to watch dis one based on my deep interest in hana yori dango as dis story hold the same storyline like hyd well i guess so.but, who knows as korean version has more than 20 eps so i bet they changed the story at least some of it.

so guys.more info HERE as im not gonna do specific review as i always do lately im lazyno im busy.ehe

p/s - i really so in love with Goo Jun Pyo err the name of the character n his real name is Lee Min Ho. ehe to show my love towards him, dramawiki link also provided. take a look, kakkoii da na. irresistable ehe yamapi, im sorry just a minute neh.aha