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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


yeah im back;

okey stelah skian lame x mengepost entryhaha walhal tak lamelah saya kembali.yeahha

im back.back from hiatus; back from PD.yeah wonderful vacation la baby.

okes, we went there on sunday afternoon with 2 cars kak long ngn ayah nak balik awal.
sampai sane, wow im mesmerized with the resort surrounding.ehe sgt cantik n everybody must've indeed fall in love with the place. sgt cantik okeyy. accomodated with pool as for us, this is the most important condition for any resort or hotel that we're goin to stay; karaokeyy yabedabedu; pingpong table my 1st time life experience with pingpong,thanks to my dad; n pantai yehaa.

the apartment was cool, takyah share room with orang.err xcept for my *lovely sista, really just ignore the fact that she's a human like us.ahaha n the pool sgt cantek, kalo dr bilek usha mmg nampak la.ehe nampak laki ensem bwt diving, actually x pasan pon muke die ensem ke x.but, hebat la bwt pusing2.emm, i guess the appearance is nothing when compared to ur own beautiful talent rite .as long as u've got talent or the fact that some people will choose money, then ur appearance is nothing.ehe agree!

1st day :
# pool.berswimming.yehaa
#went to the beach.ade hanjing,siyes benci
#ping la bersukan.err are u sure? it's ikan bawal besar.yeah umaiiii
#tidur.*rock a by baby on the tree top.lalala

2nd day :
#beach again
#pool again whoring
#exhausted here.get some sleep
#makan.bihun tomyam

3rd day:
#kak long n ayah da balik
#repacked my stuff.hate it
#balik.heh siyes x mau

yeay balik.
err.goin back means i hav to pay a lot of attention towards my homework sygg,

the resort

wave power


castle ats kaki.ayah bwat

karaoke time.ehe


noin said...

Best bangat!
amcam blk ke umh dr PD aritu?
ade sesat2 tak?

.ein said...

takde sesat2 pon.
ktorgg kn hebat.kalo kau mayb sesat la kot.kau tuh sombongg je lebey.agagagagaga