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Thursday, March 26, 2009

i miss my memories

firstly, mak HAPPY BIRTHDAY.i LOVE U.
* hugssssss xoxoxoxo

yess nabshd i enjoyed my high school life;

Bio Data

1) Which school did you go to?
SMK Jalan 4
SMK Bdr Baru Salak Tinggi
SMK Dengkil
SBPI Gombak

2) What classes were you in?
class in integomb lah ingat. 1fikrah, 2alkhawarizmi, 3albiruni, 4ibnu nafis, 5ibnunafis.same classes with nbshd for 5 yrs in a row.

3) What was/were your favourite lesson(s)?
emm.chemistry kott

4) If you could remember, what time was your recess?
either 1010 or 1040 lah.

5) List down your favourite food/snacks.
ikan keli.haha


1) Did you have a nickname way back in high school?
ein, ieiyn.same pronunciation yea

2) How did you wear your socks?
x colourful pon.ehe like ordinary one.

3) Have you been suspended due to the way you put on your uniform? bdk baik kott tp tak suke blek ostel on time.haha

4) Were you given plenty of reminders about your appearance?
haha.not really but on how i manage my time ntok blek i hate anything related with time management.lalala

5) Who did you look up to when you were in high school?
my bff.thanks korg


1) Name one memorable scene where you were punished in front of the whole class.
err.cant rmmbr.i told ya, sy bdk baik.haha but ade ngn pn fauziah sbb kua wif parents aain walhal die da ckp jgn kua wif parents org laen tht week.ala same je.mak aain mak aku gak ape.lg2 ade skali uh, kne msk bilik die sbb die anta notice kt cigu klass nk jmpe aku.cuak2 haha pstuh da start pok pek pok cigu,thanks.

2) How many times did you skip class? What were you doing?
ehe.always! especially kalo nak dkt sports day, sbg QM yg bjayye itulah keje kami.kan kwn2 QM.wahaha

3) Give one scene where you escaped from being caught/punished.
emm, cm gile je.cigu msk ostel walhal ktorg still lepak2 sbb kami cuti.ehe x sngke plak die naek.lari2 ktorg sume.hahaha best gak

4) Did you vandalize any school property?
emm.kat lab ade la, lps pecah larikkk

5) Did you ever make any teacher cry? bdk baik.

1) Who were your favourite teachers?
cigu aini aka my macik n cigu zainiyah.ehe rinduu cigu

2) Describe your DM.
ari ape ek yg x sdap?.mknn cm penjara tp ade ayam msk merah n nsk aym sdapp.

3) Who was the funniest/weirdest/loudest teacher?
funniest; ustzh ct,
weirdest; ehe cigu shahril gak la.
loudest; the one n only cgu patiah.hehe

Social Circle

1) Were you popular back then?

2) Were you in a big group of boys/girls or small ones?
big big group.

3) Who were your best friends?
aain, fazz, nbshd, pika, malina, yana, nisah geng2 alkey.haha

4) Did you and your friends have nicknames?
im afraid, yeah

5) What were you favourite memories of you and your friends?

Co-curricular Activities

1) What type of CCA were you in?
malas nak list but quite a number la.agagaga

2) What did you have to bring to your CCA?
bring myself n note la bile jd secretary.haha

3) What did your CCA required you to do?
attend the meeting pon okehh.

4) Got injured?
eh, kaki sakit after netball.lps urut, okehh

Closing Ceremony

1) How did high school changed you?
turn me from nobody to somebody now.

2) Sing one verse of your school song.
nabshd, thnx aku copy paste je;

putra putri bganding bahu
bsama mnuntut ilmu
mnuju arah satu
di psada ilmu
klgn ckal bsahsiah tpuji
bnar tpat & efektif
kkuatan mnda djana
nadi pnggerak jaya
sbpi gombak cmerlang
graknya trancang
optimis capai impian
btatah gmilang
di psada ilmu

3) What was your favourite question?
warden sape? kalo dtg gtao tau,*smbil meletakkn kpla kat meje dgn syahdunya.

4) Who/what will you remember from your high school?
my batch; rindunye la haiii

5) Any memories you will not forget.
anything involved us as integombian, especially nk dkat spm, sgt tension but wth the help of my frens, our batch did it.ehe rinduuuuu

smoge korg bjaya!! gud luck