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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

knot of tension in my stomach

countdown : 3 days before goin back to um.ehe

but my homework like omg bnyk nak mampus.hehe ni pon bru nak wat kagaku.lalala

suugaku lgsung x sntuh
nihongo pon lgsungg
butsuri lg la zenzen sawaranai da yo ne;

dictionary : kagaku-chemistry; suugaku-math; nihongo-bhse jepun; butsuri-my fav suj physics

and the worst part is, sy malas n skg tgh bz mcarik lagu boys before flowers plak.yeah im addicted to this kembali tgk cite korea after da lame bangat x tgk.ehe tp cite ni je la.

n da makin2 mnat gle plak kat lee min ho.ya allah hensem gile mamat ni.haha

n n cube la tgk ohh

another one;
these way please as embedded disable by the uploader.tgk sendiri la lagu laen tp best jugak.


p/s- lately my blog entry turned into some worthless pieces as there's nothing special happen in my life and piccamy best part when blogging also getting lesser n x kire jugak, sy nak memblogging jugak.haha n x saba sok nak carik baju kurung.hehe take note; mlm ni msty tdo awal.lalala