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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


today, susah nak bukak mate.ahh something wasn't right here.nape mate saye saket ni?

quickly woke up, went to the mirror n omg omg, mate zombi.
ohh tidak. x percayye! then rase mate berair.ohh tidak; tak nakk

sakit mata

aha; ingatkan sy sorg je saket.haha my kak long pon saket.
kak long on the left eye, me on the right side.haha sep2 gimme five ade geng.yeah

im in deep thinking* if any of these things happen as the consequences of playing like 24/7 at port dickson??

nahh, ayep ngn adek ngn ayah ngan mak sehat je.

kak long, mayb our antibody cant take it.ehe

hey antibody i dunno, mayb our white blood cell didnt work effectively to produce the antibody.err is it the white blood cell? dem! im slowly forgetting the biology's term.alaaa

okeyy antibody, work hard baby! haha

adekah sy gile? tp td da jmpe doc;

an advice; avoid sun, dont go out alaa doc jaat! bru nak kua ngn my fren, sorry korg!
n be like paris hilton; wear the sunglasses.aha really it helps!

p/s - to dahlia hazirah jaafar, thanks 4 ur call.sygg kau rindu kau.emm take care there, blek mesia gtao tau tau.gud luck! (^__^)