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Thursday, March 12, 2009

result SPM bebeh

alhamdulillah INTEGOMB maintain.

for those my juniors korg mmh hebat, hehe cayalaaa.

smlm dak integomb ade kasik pointer skola but aku da lupe.tgk nnty kalo da dpt balik bole la edit balik post ni.

btw, korg sugoii!!

hehe teringat dlu2 mse dpt result, ayah teman amek smpi name kne panggil.seronot bangat! alhamdulillah. hehe but stiap kali amek result msty aku org yg pling lmbt dtg.takot ohh cuak2

for those yg agak keciwa, it's okey guys spm just an xm.mayb korg x perform now but who knows anything bout future aite? the most important things now is aim for the future, choose ur right path, then do ur best! the right things, the wrong things always happen.the one to choose the definite is ourself, on our own no whatever it may be dont you ever give up on anything u do as tomorrow will absolutely be different from today. we cant learn anything unless from our mistake; haha but dont do careless mistake. avoid it.